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Welcome to the Employment & Recruitment Services of Canada Inc. (ERSC), the solution for your employment and recruiting goals. As one of the premier groups in Canada, we operate in more than ten Asian, South Asian, and Middle Eastern countries around the world, including: Bahrain, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, UAE and more.

Proven means of achieving success in the Canadian staffing industry are often obtained through leveraging the latest technology solutions. This can include staffing statistical analysis and reliable, flexible staffing software.

Overall Picture of the Canadian Staffing Index

In Canada, success in the staffing industry is often measured by the Canadian Staffing Index. This reflects the volume of demand for Canada-based temporary staffing. Based on the total number of billed hours reported by leading staffing firms monthly, the ongoing Index Value of 100 stems from its first results in July 2008.

The Canadian Staffing Index is the largest single sample size taken in Canada, reflecting about one-third of total staffing industry sales nationwide. For reasons of impartiality and confidentiality, all data is collected by Staffing Industry Analysts – an independent company that focuses and specializes towards statistics in the staffing industry. Their website, www.staffingindustry.com, has available data for every month starting from July 2008, the aforementioned benchmark month, to the current month. It is updated as new surveys are added to the Canadian Staffing Index on a monthly basis.

With Index’s eighth anniversary celebrated in 2016, a modest decline was reflected as per the trend through most of this past year. As David Francis, research analyst at Staffing Industry Analysts, explains, “We note that there were two less working days in July this year compared to last year, suggesting the decline was more likely driven by the fewer number of working days than a decline in demand for staffing services.”

Often nicknamed “recruting agency software”, there is a large category of technology solutions designed for staffing groups and related industries solely focusing on recruiting and matching suitable employees with client organizations. Effective software will multitask, emphasizing the ability to migrate within the program without losing one’s place.


ERSC was a pleasure to work with, very professional

John Sammerson

Thanks for all you did for us, I really do appreciate it.

James Howlett

Thanks to ERSC for helping me find a great job.

Carol Cain

Selecting A Recruitment Company

A superior recruiting company software program merges applicant tracking, resume tracking and recruiting applications. Together, these functions allow prospective employers to manage the needed data that connects applicants and clients. This results in better matches in less time, ultimately gaining a higher yield of client-employee satisfaction and performance.

These tools have been leveraged towards creating a diverse and competitive staffing marketplace in many metropolitan cities home to various sorts and specialities of staffing agencies and recruiting groups, including Toronto and other Canadian cities. The finest organizations use tools and hands-on professionals in tandem: we at ERSC pride ourselves on our global presence to meet directly with clients and employment candidates. The ERSC team is fully equipped and mobilized to work with all businesses and foreign workers willing to work across borders. We provide recruitment services to a global client base across various industries sectors and business sizes. Our team of highly qualified professionals are grounded in a world-class expertise in human resources and a thorough comprehension of industry requirements. Ultimately, our success chiefly rests in the approach towards clients and the trust earned by working closely alongside the highest standard of international professional employees available.

More than merely connecting local and foreign talent, we at ERSC provide a comprehensive package for partner businesses and strive for diligence in meeting the mandatory Human Resources and Skills Development requirements. We understand labour market standards, providing all types of assistance along the process and in securing positive Labour Market Opinions (our highly qualified consultants can advise regarding exempted categories from Labour Market Opinions).

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How We Can Help

As professional experts, we partner with the best authorised and qualified professionals to obtain work permits for foreign workers and will provide any assistance needed. Our legal experts are licenced to provide any and all services to qualified individual foreign workers and businesses in obtaining proper, legal work statuses. We note foreign workers may only work legally in Canada if they have obtained a work permit grounded in the positive Labour Market Opinion. Our consultants can advise as regards exempted categories in the obtaining of work permits.

As one of the largest licenced employment and recruiting groups in Canada, we at ERSC welcome you to the world of highly qualified professionals and skilled workers and the most prestigious Canadian employers. A proudly Canadian company, our Calgary-based head office coordinates closely with branches in Toronto, Regina, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Through our global network and website, we will help you find your ideal employees and employers to ensure you meet any employment and recruiting goal in a short time period.

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